The first floor of the Throne Room was surrounded in black stone, adorned with the red flags of the Brotherhood’s dominance, and the great statues of their fallen knights who dedicated their lives to the establishment of the bureaucracy of Etramaggan. Each room gently imparted a sense of life and history, a strong feeling of jubilee as you walk the hallways of the great castle. Since the day the Throne was finally secured, the flames burn stronger yet with each passing year.

The bathroom of the great Throne Room, and a bath that I think is always cold, which doesn’t really sound comfortable…

I’ve been playing a lot of games lately, with no genre attached. Switched form DoTA 2, to WoW again, to Sims 3 and now back to Sims Medieval. I thought it was such a great game, with a few differentiations between mechanics to the Sims 3 that did put it down and made it a turn off for some people, so I thought I would just share some pictures of my towns. I am trying to finish all the Achievements to earn the rewards, pretty dresses and items and the like!


mages only like jerk demons

fadezoned againĀ 

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did i actually save or did i imagine it? better save eleven more times

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I’ve had hiccups all freakin day


Jesus Christ stop already!


I started a new game in Dragon Age, where I literally do the commentary for every character without thinking what the hell I’m saying.

I like to do this thing where I go through my school week just wanting to play the Sims. Finish that homework like no tomorrow, make it to the weekend, press play, and do absolutely f*cking nothing but stare at my game. Then I make Sims I will never use because I never play the game. Anyway. I made two new sims, that are entirely a WIP. And I didn’t have my HQ in so they are very blurry.

With her long, luscious brown hair clipping like a boss, and passing her shoulders delicately, Lora is quietly thinking of finding the best action for some of the new photos she took while she was hanging downtown, and contemplating whether or not she should eat that entire box of cookies she was sent for Valentine’s.
Ricky, whose ambiguous life goals deter many a men away, hopes her next paycheck moves her out of her one bedroom apartment, and pulls that reputation up. A few more kills, all good.
Other than that, I was a lazy butt today and did nothing but eat an entire box of cookies.

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Panda eating a carrot

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my opinion on the sims 4

yes but will there be milkshakes